This course is for those students who already completed their Qaida Course (First step to the Quran) or have some basic knowledge of Arabic. In this course, the students will add beauty to their recitation of the Quran. The students will receive extra attention from our well-qualified teacher to improve the overall flow of recitation.

This course belongs to the art of recitation according to the rules. Originally the field of tajweed is a set of rules governing how the words of the Qur’an should be pronounced, while qira’at refers to the methods of recitation mainly tarteel, tadweer and hadar. Applying tajweed when reciting Quran is obligatory. By enrolling in this course you’ll get perfection in the recitation of your Qura’an reading (according to the rules). We’ll teach you detailed rules and terminologies of tajweed.

The Term Tajweed means beautiful. It is a set of rules that teach us how to recite the Quran beautifully and correctly with a perfect accent. To recite Quran without mistakes and gain maximum reward from ALLAH. It is a must for every Muslim to Learn Tajweed rules for the recitation Quran. ALLAH says in Surah Muzzammil: “and recite the Quran with measured recitation”. In the explanation of this ayat Karima, the authentic scholars say that it means to recite Quran with Tajweed rules. Learn Tajweed rules Online course is taught by our Quran Teachers in a very friendly and Impressive environment. Our determined Quran teachers will make it easier even for a school-going kid to achieve this goal by encouraging interest and innovative techniques.

It is not permissible for anyone to intentionally change any letter of this Holy Revelation. Mostly we start to think we can’t correct it before even trying to study it. This is a mistake that is a sin. So you should strive to learn Tajweed rules for perfect recitation and should strive to study the correct pronunciations from qualified Quran Teachers. Thus we should learn Tajweed rules to recite correctly and should not despair or give up. And ALLAH is the best source of strength.



Students of age 4 years of any age can avail Learn Tajweed rules online course. We have specially designed courses for students of different ages. Our Quran Teachers go step by step with practical exercises and based on the capacity and pace of the student the speed of the daily lessons is specified.

Trail Classes For Beginners:

Online Quran Academy offers trial classes to satisfy beginners. Our main aim is to persuade our students and provides them with quality education. We promise quality education and will not compromise on it, it is an Islamic institute, and our priority is to fulfill our promise. We offered 24/7 classes. You can select the time according to your country or your schedule. You can choose our weekend course; tutors will cover your course effectively. 


Online Quran classes provide you main facility, that is Quran Reading with Tajweed, and cheap rates for our best courses. You will enjoy the best thing that we introduced a convenient class as per your ease of time and comfort zone. We have highly qualified and experienced staff who are mostly your natives. Our qualified tutors will solve your issues as per your choice, and the most important thing is your native language which will be easy to communicate with each other.

The main reasons why you choose us: 


We are providing worldwide online Quran classes. We make it possible for you to get appropriate learning through our struggle. Our teachers are qualified from famous institutes. If you invest your time and money in learning from our tutors, you will be satisfied with your choice. Online Quran classes provide an opportunity to stay safe and stay home to learn Quran properly. 


Children have sharp and active minds and can learn quickly in their childhood. We have to help children to learn Holy Quran at an early age. When our kids are familiar with the right and worst deeds as per Islamic laws, they can spend their lives beautifully by an obligation of Allah Almighty and his Prophet (P.B.U.H). Learning of Quran is not restricted to any age group. At any age, you can take admission to any course, even fundamental learning; if you cannot read Noorani Qaida, our tutors will teach you with proper guidance.


If you want and looking for home tuition for yourself or your kids or family person; Online Quran Academy is the best option. We have male and female teachers speaking English, Arabic, Urdu, and Pashto as well. You can request the following online Quran classes:


Quran reading with tajweed class for those students who already completed their Qaida Class or having some basic knowledge of Arabic. In this course, the students will add beauty to their recitation of the Quran.

Memorizing (Hifaz) the Holy Quran simply means learning it by heart. It is one of the miracles of the Holy Quran that is the only book in the world that is memorized word to word by hifaz.

This class is the first step into Quran Learning for kids. When students are completing this course they can identify and pronounce the Arabic Alphabet, different symbols, and connecting the letters.

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