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Name: Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah

Education:Education: Hafiz e Quran with Tajweed

Mobile: +923337046100


Skype: aqsaquranacademy

Address: Model Town B Khanpur District Rahim Yar Khan

Name:Hafiz Muhammad Ubaidullah

Education:Master Degree Holder of 8 years Islamic Studies 


Skype: aqsaquranacademy

Address: Model Town B Khanpur District Rahim Yar Khan

Our Platform is a reliable Aqsa Online Quran Academy that offers Quran learning opportunity to worldwide Muslims. Learn from our expert male teacher from the comfort of your home. Male students of any age in any part of the world can learn the Quran with us. We give flexibility to students to take classes at their schedule. If you hire a tutor from our Online Quran Center, you will be satisfied and happy. We ensure the quality of our teaching. We offer the teaching services for a variety of courses. Now you can learn the Quran and religion at your home.

Online Male Quran Teacher in the USA

Learning the Quran is difficult for you especially if your mother tongue is not Arabic. You cannot read or understand the Arabic of the Quran. Our tutors can teach you the basic courses along with the advanced level courses. You will not only recite the Arabic of the Quran but also understand the meanings of the verses. Our tutors can also help you ease the task of learning Arabic. By the grace of Allah and thanks to the technology, we are here to help you during the journey of Quran learning. It is just because of technology that students from any part of the world can easily connect with the expert Online Quran tutors. We are playing an important role in spreading the education of the Quran throughout the world.

Why Hire A Male Quran Teacher From Us?

You should hire a male Quran teacher online from us. Each of our teachers is highly qualified. We only hire the tutors who have certification in Quran education from reputable institutes. They also have good communication skills and experience in online Quran teaching. Choose a tutor from us for the Quran and Islamic courses. Our teachers are always available to assist students from all over the world.

We provide the best quality Quran education to students all over the world. Therefore, we invite you to hire a male teacher of Quran from our institute. Our students get the best learning environment during their Online Quran Classes. The male teachers at our Holy Quran Academy are the right choice because they offer excellent learning facilities. Due to the flexibility in timing, you can hire a tutor at any time of the day.

Quran tutor from our Quran Aqsa Online Academy offers lessons through interactive lessons. They teach via video & audio conversation. Our tutors can teach

  • Quran and Tajweed
  • Tafseer
  • Hifz | Memorization Online
  • Arabic language
  • Islamic studies
  • Islamic Fiqh and more

You should choose our male tutors because they are

  • English Speaking
  • Multilingual
  • Qualified Qari, Hafiz, scholars and Islamic Teachers

Learn With A Live Tutor

Learn from our Quran male teacher online via Skype Quran Classes. We give you the best chance to learn under the supervision of expert male tutors. Live tutors, which means you will learn in the way face-to-face tutor will teach you. We do not give pre-recorded lessons. Each of our students will learn from a live Online Quran Teacher individually. The tutors are fully cooperative and they can teach you at your convenience.

Hiring a scholar is easy for everyone now. For advanced Quran learning like Tafseer, you need to learn from a scholar tutor. We have experienced Aalim e deen tutor and accessing them is also easy. We offer to learn opportunities for students from all countries. This is the reason we are famous all over the world. If you want to check how our Online Quran Teachers teach, take 3 days free trial classes.

Save your time and money by contacting us and hiring the best tutor from us. Quran tutoring is a noble job and we thank Allah for selecting us to perform this noble duty.