Aqsa Quran Academy

Online Quran Classes

Aqsa Quran Academy is the best institution for taking classes for all Muslims, and separate for Ladies/Female. Muslims all over the world like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia can now learn the Holy Book of Allah online with us. You can learn to start Quran reading, memorizing, and translation courses from our reputable Islamic Center. We also offer special classes for ladies under the supervision of female tutors. They have experience of several years in teaching the Quran online. Start your Quran education and start learning the Quran with Tajweed and other important courses of the Quran. We are also happy to offer special classes to kids. All students can learn at home.

Our Quran Classes

Contact us and start the Quran classes with us. We make it possible for you to start your lessons at home. You can choose a variety of courses according to your needs and requirements. You will take the Skype Quran Classes and we will teach through audio and video communication.

Quran Classes Online in Western Countries

Due to the latest technology, we make tutoring easy for everyone. We give the best virtual learning experience to the students. We offer classes to the students in countries like the USA – UK – Australia, and more. Our Quran Classes Online is as effective as the face to face classes. The lessons are interactive and in the form of one on one sessions. Our tutors keep on motivating the students to learn the Book of Allah.

Best Classes for Muslim Community

We offer the best online Quran classes to the Muslims and they will learn to read and understand the Quran. We also offer Islamic education classes to help them learn the Quran. Hence, join us and learn the best with us.

The Courses That We Offer

We offer all the Quranic and Islamic courses to Muslims around the world. The courses that we offer include

Noorani Qaida Online
Learn Quran with Tajweed
Easy way to Learn to Read Quran
Online Quran Memorization
Quran with Urdu Translation
Quran Tafseer in Urdu
Islamic Studies
Islamic Fiqah

Our expert Online Quran teacher teach these courses at a convenient time. Hundreds of students enrol in these courses every year. You can also choose online Quran classes in UK (United Kingdom) and learn at your home. All the Muslims regardless of age can join our online classes. A child of 4 years old and an adult of 60 years can join our online classes easily. We will provide you with a separate teacher for teaching you. You will learn individually with the tutor at the time that you choose.

Online Quran Reading Classes – Free Trial

You can take Online Quran Reading Classes and Quran memorization classes too. We make learning convenient and easy to choose our courses. We are one of the best Online Quran Center in the world that offer high-quality Quran classes join Now with 2 Days Free Trial Class.

The best institute means that we have the best tutors. They are the experts and have experience in Online Quran Teaching and a variety of courses to students. Our Holy Quran Academy is the institute that offers the best online Quran classes in USA (United States). The tutors are multilingual and they can speak English fluently.

Do not worry if you cannot find an expert teacher for online Quran classes in Canada. We will help you study and will provide you with a qualified teacher online. Do not go anywhere to find a tutor because we can provide you with a tutor online.

Special Online Quran Classes for Females/Ladies

We teach online, so you have to show your online availability for learning with us. Kids also have to come online for attending classes. You also have to follow the same procedure for online Quran classes for ladies. The first thing that students need is the PC. You must have a Personal Computer or an android device with Skype installed on it. Make sure your internet connection is also of good speed.

Classes for Kids

Our classes are favourable to all the students. We offer flexible time for online Quran classes for kids so that they can take their formal education easily too. Due to this flexibility, more and more students enrol in our courses.

To start learning with us, first, contact us and then decide a time for taking the classes. When you choose a time with your tutor with mutual understanding, then you are ready to start your courses.

Benefits for Females

Our classes give great benefits to female students because they can learn at home. We have the female staff to teach them individually. With the best teaching techniques, we are now one of the most popular online Quran Centers in the world. Like other countries, we offer online Quran classes in Australia.

Take their lessons at home at any time of the day and night. They feel comfortable because they can choose the time of classes according to their choice. There is nothing better than getting high-quality Quran education at home at a reasonable price.

Quran Classes Online with Tajweed

Students in all countries can start online Quran classes with tajweed or any other course they want to study. To bring improvement in our teaching method, we give special training to our tutors. If any student faces problems in learning, we give special attention to him/her. We do not decide the duration of the course. Instead, we follow the speed of students. This is a great benefit for students because they do not feel any burden.

We help Muslims across the work and provide them with the best services of the best teachers. Our Quran Aqsa Onine Academy hires an expert teacher for every course to give efficient tutoring services.

Affordable Courses

If you are in search of the most affordable courses, we are the right option for you. Our courses are very affordable for almost every student. We do not charge a high fee because we aim to spread Quran knowledge. Quran teaching is a noble act and we are happy to perform this action. We are a very reliable online platform for Muslims. If you are a working professional or a student, you can enrol in our courses. Do not waste your money and time in choosing madrassas or Quran Centers when we are available to you. Our learning system is comfortable and interesting.

Basic and Holy Quran Plans

The below mention cost is exclusive of Free Trial Classes. You can select any of the following pre-defined plans or Contact us for a customized plan. The fee is charged on a monthly basis including the public holidays. We take the fee in advance after you finished the trial classes and at the time of joining the regular classes.

1 Day / Week

4 Days / Month
$ 30 45 Min / Day
  • AUD: $ 30/-
  • UK: £ 20/-
  • Europe: € 25/-

2 Days / Week

8 Days / Month
$ 30 30 Min / Day
  • AUD: $ 30/-
  • UK: £ 20/-
  • Europe: € 25/-

3 Days / Week

12 Days / Month
$ 40 30 Min / Day
  • AUD: $ 40/-
  • UK: £ 25/-
  • Europe: € 35/-

5 Days / Week

20 Days / Month
$ 55 30 Min / Day
  • AUD: $ 55/-
  • UK: £ 35/-
  • Europe: € 55/-
Family Package (Special Offer)

We have special discounts for multiple family members. A family having two or more than two students can benefit from these packages. This offer will apply at only 5 days a week course.


8 Days / Month
$ 60 60 Min / Day
  • AUD: $ 60/-
  • UK: £ 40/-
  • Europe: € 50/-


12 Days / Month
$ 80 60 Min / Day
  • AUD: $ 30/-
  • UK: £ 20/-
  • Europe: € 25/-


20 Days / Month
$ 100 60 Min / Day
  • AUD: $ 55/-
  • UK: £ 35/-
  • Europe: € 55/-