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Reading the Quran in a proper and correct manner is not an easy task. PQA started providing Quran and Islamic education through an online platform. The goal of the institute is to give Muslims the chance to learn and understand the Quran. We achieve our objective with the help of our experienced, educated, qualified teachers. Our online classes are suitable for all the family members including kids. The courses are for every Muslim around the world.

Islamic Quran Courses Online for Muslims

We provide the best learning experience to Muslim students. The Muslim students irrespective of their language, cultural background and location can start courses with us. We offer the following courses at our Center.

Foundation/Basic Book Reading with Tajweed

Basic Qaida is the most important step in reading the Quran. Noorani Qaida with Tajweed can help the students know the Tajweed e Quran rules. The learners start it at the basic level because understanding and then having a good grasp of Quran Tajweed is important at the initial stage. We help in bringing improvement in your recitation by teaching you the principles of recitation. We make sure the students understand efficiently.

This course gives you the knowledge of Arabic Alphabets. You will understand how to pronounce Arabic letters.

Start Learn Holy Book

When you learn the basic book of Arabic properly, you will be able to read the Koran properly. We provide you with qualified teachers to have a good understanding of recitation. It is very important to start with Arabic alphabet book because it will teach you in a step by step manner. Learning proper recitation is important because we all wish to recite in a way our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) recited. Our institute offers this course to all the Muslims in all countries of the world. Every one of us wants to Learn Quran Word by Word in the best style.

Hifz/Memorizing the Holy Quran

Memorization classes can help you Hifz Holy Quran Online. It means you will learn the whole Holy book by heart. Both children and adults can take memorization classes with us. We also have teachers for kids. The teachers taking the Hifz classes are also Hafiz. We have experienced tutors to guide you in a systematic manner. They teach golden rules to the students so that the process of Hifz becomes easy for them. We have specific lessons for children. All the students can memorize at their pace. The teachers start with the small portion and then move to the bigger part.

Read the Quran with Tarjuma/Translation Course

This course is especially very important for understanding the meaning of the Holy Word. Understanding the meanings of Koran is important for all Muslims. The learners after taking these classes are able to learn the Quran online and understand the message of Allah. You will understand the meaning of the Arabic word by word. Learning the Arabic Language is not easy. You need proper guidance and we can help you with the translation course. If you want to read the Quran with Tarjuma, you should contact us today.

Tafseer-e-Quran Course

You can start Tafseer-e-Quran classes after you have successfully completed the translation program. This program comes after a translation program and it is an advanced level course.

Islamic Studies

If you want to learn the religion, Islamic Fiqah course is important for you. This program can help you understand the different religious and social issue and find solutions to them.

We also teach Islamic studies online to give the knowledge of Islam. The course helps in understanding the Shariah laws. Only advanced learners can take the classes of Islamic Fiqh. We teach this course under the supervision of religious scholars. If you are interested in learning fiqh, contact us to start.

Other Courses

You can also learn Islamic studies, prayers, 6 Kalmas, Ablution, different Duas, Asool-e-Deen and Froo-e-Deen, etc. You will learn everything under the guidance of qualified tutors. They are experienced and have special training in teaching online.

Choose Us

Whether you want to start Noorani Qaida with Tajweed reading, Tajweed Quran, Tarteel, Quran Tafseer or Quran Memorization, we are the right choice for all Muslims. You will pick everything in a very short duration of time. Get familiar with the commands of Allah through these courses. We are the solution for those who have a busy schedule of life. We provide the flexibility of timing for such people. The teachers being available round the clock, you can study any course that you want.